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Aimee knows the essential ingredients of effective communication. As a trainer, she enjoys tailoring her program to meet an organization's goals.

Aimee received the D. Younger Memorial Award from the Bachelor of Education program at the University of Western Ontario for "outstanding qualities of scholarship, teaching ability and character." Aimee maintains these high standards. To every project she undertakes, she brings her passion for quality.

As a practitioner of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) , Aimee helps clients understand their preferred ways of processing information, making decisions, and interacting with others.

Clients may take individual assessments through Aimee's specialized website: aimeereid.careerid.com. Each client receives a unique user id and password. Once an assessment is completed, Aimee and the client set a time to discuss results. This debriefing meeting may easily be conducted over the telephone.

Organizations worldwide have found the MBTI to be a powerful tool for understanding managerial style, addressing conflict, and building teams that move forward with purpose and energy.

Aimee has trained to work with managers and leaders. She offers individual consultation with members of an organization followed by on-site training. Aimee carefully crafts workshops to address the specific objectives of organizations that consult with her.

Aimee delivers excellent content in an engaging style. Contact Aimee to create and deliver custom training for your organization.