Parables for Leaders

Michael and Aimee are opposites.

She wants a plan. He likes flexibility.

She looks for little details.

He loves the big picture.

Hello world!

Different on every aspect of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI),® Aimee and Michael bring real life experience to their work together. They’ve learned throughout their long marriage to respect one another’s strengths.

In the Parables for Leaders blog, Aimee and Michael offer simple stories. No story is true, but all are designed to illustrate a truth.

Aimee and Michael will each share their thoughts about the situations portrayed and offer insights from the MBTI. They hope to help you understand the sometimes-frustrating, often-perplexing behaviour of those who are different from you.

Be prepared for fresh perspectives on the people in your life and maybe even some new understandings of yourself. You may be surprised by the ways a simple story can change your life.

About Aimee Reid

Aimee is a consultant who cares about results. She listens carefully and tailors her work with you to meet your unique needs.

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